NextGenerationBitFX understands itself as a company, which follows the approach, that those characters who shape our cooperate company culture sustainably, are much more important than the increasement of profit under pressure.

Our Vision

Every individual should have the chance to bring wealth and freedom to his or her families. Therefore NextGenerationBitFX has created a system where everybody has the same opportunity. Cryptocurrency and Forex are only two vehicles to reach this goal.

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Goals and wishes

  • More quality time for family and friends
  • Financial freedom

Many of our NextGenerationBitFX members do already live that lifestyle!

  • Working from any place in the world
  • Travelling the world
  • Or simply achieve a second income


Offices Worldwide

Europe Headquarter in Salzburg / Austria
More offices in Stuttgart and Johannesburg,
Hanoi and Manila
Individuals from the political scene and high potentials from the economy sector are part of the NextGenerationBitFX advisory board
Mining Farm Power > 175PH

Roadmap into the
Crypto World.

  • Planning and structuring started in April 2018
  • Operational start took place in October 2018
  • October 2018 - June 2019 creating the infrastructure of NextGenerationBitFX
  • World wide expansion 2019