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Coin Analyst

  •  BaFin "no action" letter, the German financial authority
  • Fully German company, headquarter in Frankfurt am Main / German
  • CoinAnalyst is a Spin-Off to Cogia Intelligence which has BMW, Lufthansa, VW and Huawai as their clients
  • Nearly a decade on the market with this system
  • Unrivaled product worldwide
  • Starts as low as 0.01 US Dollar
  • ICO ends 31st of March 2019
  • Passive income after the ICO phase for all NextGenerationBitFX members possible
  • Designated at 2 major exchanges

CoinAnalyst is a German company, which is a spin up to Cogia Intelligence, a highly reputable company which is market leader in the big data sector.




CoinAnalyst is using the algorithms of Cogia to create a special software for the crypto market. This software is crawling the whole internet, social media, YouTube, news channel and even more potential data points to predict the potential future trend of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


CoinAnalyst wants to be the new Bloomberg of teh crypto and blockchain industry ICO extended ONLY for NextGenerationBitFX people until the first listing on an Exchange will be done Additional product "Social Media Engagement Tool" will be launched soon, purchase only via the COY Coin. The CoinAnalyst Crypto Prediction Software will also. 


Coin Analyst

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